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About Costa Rica
Experts at travel trade publications label Costa Rica as the world’s premier eco-tourism destination. This beautiful Central American country offers visitors a wonderful blend of adventure, nature and relaxation. Costa Rica’s growing popularity among American and European travelers is based on its political and social stability, open society, strong conservation policies and a concern for sustainable development. For the past 60 years, Costa Rica has been an oasis of peace and stability in a region marked by unrest and political upheaval.

Costa Rica has been a democratic country for the last 110 years. During the 1940s, the country established progressive social security programs, implemented free and compulsory elementary and high school education, and abolished the armed forces. These governmental programs helped strengthen the middle classes and spurred economic growth, achieving high health, education, income per capita and employment indexes, unprecedented in Latin America.

The economy has successfully shifted from a traditional agricultural base, which had offered bananas and coffee as the main export products, to a service-based economy, with high tech and tourism leading the way. Non-traditional exports such as organic vegetables, pineapples, medical equipment and microprocessors are strategically complemented by the selling of services, such as corporate logistics, software design, medical services, research and customer services, to an international market.

Visitors come to Costa Rica for its many national parks, ecological biodiversity, sunny beaches and formidable volcanoes, but they quickly recognize the highly educated and open society that welcomes tourists from all destinations. In true Costa Rican tradition, guests from North America and Europe are welcomed and made to feel at ease in every region of the country. Tourists can feel safe traveling on back roads as they drive through small towns and across dense rainforest. Costa Rica ranks high in safety and friendliness towards tourists, however observing common sense and basic safety measures is still important when visiting this Central American paradise.
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The sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a felony in Costa Rica and is punishable with jail time